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Swiss Post is committed to equality and supports careers regardless of age or gender. It also wants to promote diversity among employees in all its forms – with multilingualism and the integration of people with disabilities being a matter of course. Employees have the opportunity to play an active role in various networks.

Diversity and inclusion make Swiss Post stronger

A large number of people work at Swiss Post who are fundamentally different from one another: in age and gender, background and languages, in their thinking, their beliefs and their impairment. The sum of these differences is what makes up Swiss Post’s diversity. We want to harness the opportunities that diversity offers for staff and the company. Doing so helps us to understand customer needs better, taking just one example. That’s why we’re striving for conscious inclusion. We create understanding and acceptance for diversity, and by doing so support equality of opportunity for everyone. We approach each other in a way that is open and without prejudice, strengthening a sense of belonging with each other and with Swiss Post. We strive for an inclusive understanding of management and work culture. This allows Swiss Post to create an appreciative and discrimination-free work environment.

Diversity & inclusion: Generations, Gender+, Word view, Origin, Language, Disability.

Benefits for mothers and fathers

The new collective employment contract has offered improved working conditions since 2021:

  • 18 weeks’ fully paid maternity leave and now an additional six weeks of unpaid leave
  • Now four paid weeks of paternity leave, instead of the two weeks previously offered
  • From 2021: if both parents work at Swiss Post, they can combine their entitlements to maternity and paternity leave, including all paid and unpaid weeks

The new collective employment contract will still include:

  • The ability for staff to request up to five days’ paid leave for urgent matters that require the presence of a parent
  • Income-dependent contribution towards supplementary childcare costs
  • Internal social counselling service for all family issues

Flexible working hours and working environment

Depending on the stage of life we are in, our needs and wishes for structuring our day change. Swiss Post’s flexible working time models cater to your individual needs.

  • Annual working hours and flexitime
  • Part-time work
  • Teleworking – working from home or on the train
  • Sabbaticals
  • Part-time work for older employees and gradual retirement

The world is becoming increasingly digital and is always changing. Swiss Post helps its employees to shape this change in a positive way. Not only are our working time models flexible, so are the resources and places of employment. Increasingly, alternative workplaces – “third workplaces” – are possible. These are places for social interaction that complement the home office (“second workplace”) and the office workstation (“first workplace”).

Internal networks for Swiss Post staff

Why are discussion and networking so important?

Swiss Post supports and promotes internal and external initiatives that bring people together and advance the topic of diversity and inclusion.

With our four self-organized internal networks, we foster a culture of diversity and inclusion, and we promote dialogue among like-minded people above and beyond units and hierarchy levels.

Get involved – we look forward to meeting you!

Find out more about the four different networks:


Internal network for linguistic and cultural diversity


The Swiss Post LGBGT network


The internal network for young employees


By women, for women

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