Designing PromoPost consignments
Standard consignments or individual creations

You have plenty of room for creating unconventional solutions when designing PromoPost consignments. Stick with simple standard designs or bring your very special ideas to life. Have fun designing unaddressed consignments.

PromoPost Manager

Use PromoPost Manager to manage the mailing of unaddressed items online and to issue mailing orders.


All you need to know

PromoPost – unaddressed mailings

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Preparing and sending PromoPost items

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A balancing man against a green background is the logo for the carbon-neutral “pro clima” – Shipment option.

Swiss Post sends all addressed domestic letters carbon-neutrally and covers the “pro clima” surcharges for offsetting CO2 emissions. Thanks to Swiss Post’s climate protection measures, the letter is both an effective and a carbon-neutral means of communication. We will also transport your other postal items carbon-neutrally in return for a small surcharge.