Designing PromoPost consignments
Standard consignments or individual creations

You have plenty of room for creating unconventional solutions when designing PromoPost consignments. Stick with simple standard designs or bring your very special ideas to life. Have fun designing unaddressed consignments.

Standard consignments

If your consignment meets the following criteria, it will be transported and delivered at the normal prices and with the regular range of services:

  • Maximum size B4 (353 × 250 mm)
  • No smaller than 140 × 90 mm
  • Square format with a flat surface, or rectangular items
  • Maximum thickness 20 mm
  • Consignments with at least one closed side edge
  • Sufficient paper strength

Paper strength and folds

In order to ensure your unaddressed items do not crease, they must be sufficiently strong. An unfolded A4 sheet must weigh at least 10 g. This corresponds to a paper weight of 160 g/m2.

Sufficient strength for a paper weight of 160 g/m2 can be guaranteed with uncoated paper only. If coated paper is used, a paper weight of 170 g/m2 must be selected to ensure the consignment is sturdy enough.

More information on designing consignments and other available options can be found in the “PromoPost specifications” factsheet.


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The CO2 emissions for all Swiss Post mailing products will be offset at no extra charge for you.

Swiss Post is not only reducing CO2 – for example, through its use of electric vehicles – but also offsetting carbon emissions in its delivery of all PromoPost consignments by investing in high-quality climate protection projects.

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