Preparing and sending PromoPost items
Preparing unaddressed items for a smooth delivery

Preparing unaddressed items correctly guarantees efficient processing and reliable delivery.

Preparing PromoPost consignments

Swiss Post takes care of counting and bundling your unaddressed items for you. This service is included in the consignment price.

Please note:

  • Make sure the printing company divides your consignments into bundles of equal size that can be counted easily.
  • One bundle can comprise 10, 25, 50, 100, 150, 200 or 250 copies. You can also prepare individual bundle sizes upon agreement with your customer advisor.
  • The bundles must be bound and easy to stack, and may weigh a maximum of 5 kg.
  • For quantities of fewer than 10,000 consignments, the batch can also be divided into separate bundles using dividers or paper inserts. Consignments with a closed side edge may be stacked facing a different direction.
  • Hand over the entire amount on pallets or in bulk containers. You will receive addresses for pallets and bulk containers from PromoPost Manager after placing your order.
  • The maximum gross weight for a pallet is 600 kg (of which 25 kg tare) and 560 kg for a bulk container (of which 96 kg tare).

You can find more information on sending unaddressed mailings in the “PromoPost service” factsheet and the “PromoPost specifications”.

PromoPost Quick Calculator

The Quick Calculator provides you with circulation figures and information on the costs for planning the dispatch of unaddressed items.

Handing in PromoPost consignments

The acceptance point you should choose for PromoPost consignments depends on the quantity of items to be sent. The “PromoPost Manager” online service helps you when sending your consignments. Find out which acceptance points are suitable for your order quantity in PromoPost Manager. All the necessary documents, such as distribution lists, orders, delivery notes and pallet labels, can be created directly in PromoPost Manager.

Smaller order quantities

  • Mailing possible at all post offices
  • Maximum of two bulk containers up to a total of 920 kg

Larger order quantities

  • Mailing at a Swiss Post counter for business customers or a letter or logistics center
  • Very large orders can only be accepted at letter centers

Detailed information on mailing PromoPost consignments can be found in the “PromoPost specifications”.

PromoPost Manager

Use PromoPost Manager to manage the mailing of unaddressed items online and to issue mailing orders.


A balancing man against a green background is the logo for the carbon-neutral “pro clima” – Shipment option.

Swiss Post sends all addressed domestic letters carbon-neutrally and covers the “pro clima” surcharges for offsetting CO2 emissions. Thanks to Swiss Post’s climate protection measures, the letter is both an effective and a carbon-neutral means of communication. We will also transport your other postal items carbon-neutrally in return for a small surcharge.