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Planning, calculating and issuing the mailing order

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Manage the mailing of PromoPost consignments conveniently online with PromoPost Manager: from planning and calculation to entering orders. You can also generate all the documents required for dispatch directly from this online service.

Service and features

If you are planning to send unaddressed items as PromoPost, there are many questions that need to be clarified:

  • Where, i.e. in which areas, will you be distributing your unaddressed items?
  • Which group do you wish to target?
  • How many households will you reach, and how large is the resulting circulation?
  • How high are the costs?

With PromoPost Manager, you can determine the number of consignments required, calculate the costs and then issue the order online. It is also possible to generate all the documents required, such as locality and distribution lists, order confirmations, delivery notes and postal addresses for pallets. Payment is by invoice or direct debit from your postal account.
Important: All PromoPost orders should be managed using this online service.

Make an initial rough calculation using the quick calculator. You receive immediate results without the need for prior registration.

Who is this service for?

PromoPost Manager is a practical planning tool for companies, authorities and associations who regularly send unaddressed items as PromoPost.

The quick calculator can also be used by private individuals and smaller business customers who wish to calculate the costs for a promotional mailing or the mailing of other unaddressed items before handing over their PromoPost order at the post office counter.



Business and private customers do not need to register prior to using the quick calculator.

To use the “PromoPost Manager” online service in full, you must have a business login and a billing relationship and be registered for the online service.

Already registered as a Swiss Post business customer? You can order the online service using your login access data.

Not registered as a Swiss Post business customer? Create a Login Swiss Post account. After checking your identity, we will send you an activation code by mail within two to three working days.

Orders must be fully executed in PromoPost Manager to ensure they are carried out as requested. Issue your orders as early as possible, but no earlier than three months in advance. An order is binding once issued. Please place orders with more than 50 destinations at least three working days (Monday to Friday) before the planned posting date in PromoPost Manager.



The circulation figures are always updated on the second Saturday of the month. Orders which have not yet been issued are automatically adjusted after every circulation figures update. As soon as you have placed an order, you can view the binding distribution figures in it.

You can edit your contract until the moment you have issued it. You wait to issue the order, until the order no longer needs to be changed. If you want to make changes to an order that has already been placed or even want to cancel it, please contact your Swiss Post customer advisor or the Swiss Post Contact Center (see contact).

Order: All orders are displayed in PromoPost Manager for two years and can be copied at any time during this period.

Order documents: All documents are available for one year in the detailed view of an order.

Price calculation using the quick calculator (registered access only): The price calculation can be access within three months in the quick calculator using the document number. When consulted again, prices and circulation figures are automatically updated.

More information

With PromoPost, your offers are delivered directly to the letterboxes of your target groups. Swiss Post provides a range of PromoPost products for targeted circulation.

More information on PromoPost

A balancing man against a green background is the logo for the carbon-neutral “pro clima” – Shipment option.

pro clima

Carbon-neutral mailing of all PromoPost consignments with “pro clima”: Swiss Post is taking a number of measures to increase the CO2 efficiency of its logistics. For all PromoPost consignments, it offsets any remaining CO2 emissions with investments in certified climate protection projects both in Switzerland and abroad. Swiss Post assumes all “pro clima” surcharges for PromoPost. More information can be found at