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Documents for the posting of letters with barcodes

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To post letter mail with barcode, you require a barcode list. This barcode list functions as a delivery note and is used as proof of mailing. The barcode list also serves as proof of mailing in the event of a claim for compensation.

Please note that there are different requirements for the affixing of barcodes depending on the shipping option.

Delivery notes and barcode lists for posting can be obtained in paper form from your acceptance point or ordered from your customer advisor. The fastest option is to download the documents as a PDF file and print them out.

Overview of delivery notes and barcode lists

Choose the barcode list or delivery note that is most suited to your shipping option.

Barcode list 21 and 23

If you obtain the barcodes from Swiss Post as stickers (post labels), use the barcode lists 21 or 23 when posting.

Barcode list 21, form no. 210.17

Barcode list 21 is used for the declaration of bulk mailings. Only the first and last barcode duplicate used must be attached to the barcode list or the corresponding barcode numbers noted.

  • Declare consignments (excluding court documents) separately according to domestic and international with the from-to range (consignment numbers consecutively numbered).
  • Affix the first and last used barcode duplicate to the list.
  • Affix the barcodes from consignments that have not been delivered.

Barcode list 23, form no. 210.16

Barcode list 23 is used for the declaration of individual items. Please affix all barcode duplicates without exception.

  • Declare every consignment (except court documents) individually.
  • Affix the barcode duplicate from every consignment.
  • Tick the box for domestic or international consignment.

Delivery note 22 for court documents, form no. 222.39

Every single consignment must be declared when posting court documents. Affix all barcode duplicates to the list.

  • Affix the barcode duplicate or note the barcode number of the respective consignments.
  • Make a note (e.g. file number) and note the recipient’s address (Important: Sending to addresses abroad is not possible for court documents).
  • The recipient data is manually recorded on the delivery note by Swiss Post. Please fill out the list legibly. Please note that the barcode number and the recipient address on the actual court document must match the information on the delivery note.

When using Court Document Online, DataTransfer is used to obtain the delivery note. In this case, you do not need delivery note 22.

DataTransfer delivery note

Once you send us the consignment data via DataTransfer, you will receive the delivery note for posting as a PDF.

  • Print out the PDF and attach it to the consignments as a delivery note.
  • Declare any consignments that have not been delivered or have been subsequently added on the printed delivery note.
  • Please check that the information on the delivery note matches that on the actual consignments before posting.
  • More about DataTransfer

Affixing barcodes by Swiss Post

Hand over your consignments and the recipient list (form no. 222.03) to the Swiss Post employees. The employees will attach the labels to the consignments for a fee of CHF 0.25 per barcode.

We will also add the addresses if required. Depending on the quality level required, the price is CHF 0.25, CHF 0.40 or CHF 0.70 per address. If requested, we will also create the recipient list for you.

We will be happy to make you an offer.


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