Support for consignments with barcode
Support for the correct preparation of letters and parcels with barcode

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The correct use and preparation of letters and parcels with barcode ensure smooth processing when shipping and comprehensive consignment tracking. Useful information, instructions, manuals and other practical tools provide you with support when mailing letters and parcels using barcodes.

Service and features of consignment barcodes

Barcodes are used for mailing the following types of consignment and for their value-added services:

  • Registered
  • A Mail Plus
  • Dispomail
  • Letter with cash on delivery
  • Court documents
  • Debt collection documents
  • Letter with contract signing
  • PostPac PRIORITY
  • PostPac ECONOMY
  • Swiss-Express “Moon”

Your advantages when using consignment barcodes:

  • Automated, efficient and and inexpensive preparation of items for mailing
  • Systematic proof of posting
  • Detailed proof of delivery[1]
  • Checking of punctual delivery
  • Tracking of your consignments around the clock via Internet
  • Simplified processing of returns
  • Legally binding objective evidence including Swiss Post’s liability[1]
  • Automatic invoicing using the barcode (precondition: Letter mail easy franking solution)[1]

1  does not apply to all types of mailing

Important information

Order barcodes and pre-printed shipping labels

Order consignment barcodes quickly and simply online for everyday mailing of letter mail and parcels both at home and abroad. The postal-compliant shipping labels contain recipient and sender information as well as integrated barcodes and delivery instructions.
The pre-printed address labels with barcode are delivered within two to three working days.

More information on ordering barcodes and shipping labels


Barcode list and delivery note for letters with barcodes

To post letters with barcodes, you require a barcode list or a delivery note. This proof of posting serves as evidence of posting in the event of a claim for compensation.

Electronic data delivery with Data Transfer

Data Transfer is the electronic interface with Swiss Post facilitating the direct exchange of consignment/billing data and status reports between your company and Swiss Post.

More information on Data Transfer and the numerous functions of this dialogue platform

“Barcode” web service

With the "Barcode" web service, you obtain barcodes for your parcels, Express consignments and letter mail directly from your company system. This enables you to simplify the mailing process considerably.

The "Barcode" web service is ideal for volume from 2,000 consignments per day.

More information on the “Barcode” web service

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Design and print your own personalized stamps with the “WebStamp” online service.

Domestic parcel labels

The “Domestic parcel labels” service is used to create and print shipping labels for domestic parcel consignments simply online.

Order barcodes & shipping labels

Order consignment barcodes or pre-printed shipping labels for domestic and international parcels and letters online.


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Order barcodes and labels

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Barcode list and delivery note for letters with barcodes

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Barcode web service

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