Return receipt for registered letters
Written confirmation of receipt after successful delivery

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The return receipt provides additional proof that a registered letter has been successfully delivered. The recipient acknowledges receipt of the registered letter by signing the return receipt, which is then sent back to you by A Mail (PRIORITY).

  • Additional security element for registered mail
  • Legally binding confirmation of receipt
  • Value-added service for registered mail
  • Can be combined with the “Personal delivery” value-added service
  • Physical confirmation of receipt for the sender

Who is the service for? Preconditions

The “Personal delivery” value added service can be used in combination with the following basic services for both domestic and international letters.

Important information

Registered letters with the “Return receipt” value-added service must be labelled with a consignment barcode and the “AR” sticker. The return receipt must be affixed to the back of your letter. Consignments that are not yet ready for dispatch are labelled by the Swiss Post employees when posted in the branch.

Find our more about preparing consignments with a barcode.

Label international mail above the address with “Avis de réception” (return receipt) or a similar phrase in an official language of the destination country.

You can track registered mail online with the “Return receipt” value-added service using the “Track consignments” online service.


Additional confirmation of receipt
Return receipt for registered mail

Value-added service

Surcharge on the registered mail consignment price

Domestic return receipt


International return receipt


All prices are in CHF – VAT is included for domestic consignments; international shipments are VAT-free

Personal delivery
Return receipt in combination with the “Personal delivery” value-added service

The Personal delivery value-added service ensures that your mail items are only handed over to the intended recipient in person.

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