Damage to or loss of a consignment
What to do if a consignment is damaged or does not arrive at all.

What can you do if your consignment has been damaged?

You have up to eight days after delivery to report the damage at your nearest Swiss Post branch. Please bring the parcel or the letter with confirmation of receipt (for example “Registered”) with you, including the contents, so that we can assess the damage and complete a damage report. We will then check whether you are entitled to compensation. This applies to both domestic and international parcels.

What can you do if a consignment has been lost?

If a consignment does not arrive as expected, you can lodge an enquiry with us. The enquiry can be lodged by the sender or the recipient.

We can only start the enquiry:

  • If in Track & Trace the “Consignment delivered” event is missing.
  • If the published delivery time has elapsed by more than two days.
  • If the recipient confirms (orally or in writing, e.g. by e-mail) that he or she has not received the consignment.