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Our comprehensive range of delivery instructions ensures that your consignment is delivered to the recipient as desired and in accordance with the conditions stipulated by you.

Delivery instructions are only available to business customers with a billing relationship.

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Delivery instructions


Surcharge in CHF

Direct delivery to an upper floor

The mail carrier delivers the parcel to the stipulated floor.


Do not place in mailbox; deliver manually, notify!

The mail carriers generally leave parcels – size permitting – in mailboxes. If you want the parcel to be delivered to the front door, you can note this when posting your consignment.


Notify delivery by telephone

We inform the recipient of the forthcoming delivery in advance.


Leave in mailbox or at the front door

The mail carriers leave the consignment in the mailbox or at the front door without notifying you (and without leaving a collection note). This instruction ensures, for example, that the recipient does not need to collect advertising material from the post office counter.


Deliver contents; take back box

This service is intended for senders of individual returnable containers. Here the returnable containers are returned immediately to the sender.


Failed delivery; return consignment as Priority on the same day

If the parcel carrier cannot deliver a parcel, we will return it to the sender immediately. This instruction is primarily intended for perishable goods such as medicines and food.


Specific delivery date, deliver on ...

We deliver your parcel punctually on the desired day. The date can be freely selected from Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays). If delivery is to take place on a Saturday, mark the parcel as PostPac Priority with the additional service Saturday delivery (SA) in addition to the delivery instruction.


Deliver when all consignments have arrived

For multiple consignments, we only deliver the parcels to the recipient when all the parcels have arrived. In this case, you complete the delivery instructions by noting the number of partial consignments, e.g. “1 of 3”, etc.


Deposit consignment

With this delivery instruction, you determine where the consignment should be deposited (for ex. in the garage).


Follow delivery information in document pouch

This enables you to provide special instructions for the mail carrier (e.g. complete delivery slip).

From 8.00

Present consignment; leave in cellar (only for VinoLog)

With this delivery instruction, you arrange for the mail carrier to present the VinoLog consignment to the recipient first before taking it to the cellar.


Take empty and recycling goods back

We take back empty packaging or used goods for recycling.

Costs are charged as incurred

Do not deliver to mailbox or neighbour: do not leave anywhere

This delivery instruction ensures that we only deliver your consignments to the people who are entitled to accept them at the address given.


Important information


The comprehensive range of delivery instructions is not available at the post office counter.


  • Delivery instructions are not permitted for the following addressings:
  • P.O. Box
  • Poste restante
  • PickPost
  • My Post 24


For the delivery instruction “Leave in mailbox or at the front door”, all liability is excluded.

Addressing, franking

Manual identification

You must mark consignments accompanied by a delivery instruction with a visible instruction. You can order the ready-made delivery instruction sticker via the DocuCenter.

Electronic identification

In the case of electronic identification, the instruction appears (together with the delivery instruction code) above the consignment barcode in the address label.

Use the following online services:

«Domestic parcel labels»

Special preparation

Please comply with the following instructions when preparing your consignments:

Sending mail

With the Location search, you can locate the nearest place of posting.

Or have us collect consignments.