Electronic status messages
Notification services for consignments

With our notification services, we’ll inform you and your customers about the status of a consignment by e-mail or SMS and also provide your customers with the opportunity to manage its receipt.

The advantages for you

  • You meet a key customer requirement in digital commerce
  • You generate greater customer proximity and increase customer satisfaction through transparency, convenience and more flexibility
  • Your customer service/call center is relieved of additional work
  • There are fewer returns of consignments that have not been collected

Which services are available?

Simple notification

Inform your customers about the status of their consignment. The following status reports are possible:

  • Proof of mailing
  • Delivery information
  • Collection information
  • Reminder to recipient
  • Handover status to sender
  • Saturday delivery
  • Exchange/Return

Notification with delivery management option

Give your customers the opportunity to personally manage receipt of their consignment. The following options are available:

  • Deposit the parcel
  • Desired day (Monday to Friday, or Saturday)
  • Delivery to a neighbour
  • Choose another domicile address