Consignment information
Integrated into your communication

Knowing that the consignment is on the way with the ordered goods gives your customers a good feeling. Thanks to easy access to consignment tracking, they are taken care of from purchase to delivery.

The advantages for you

  • Free services
  • Your customers are informed of the current status of the consignment until receipt of the ordered goods without needing to log in.
  • There is noticeably less pressure on your Support team as customers can track the consignments directly so fewer requests are generated.
  • We support you in installing the service.

Who is this service for?

The consignment tracking is suitable for beginners in digital commerce, as well as for established companies with large or very large consignment volumes. You decide whether you want to track consignments, use URLs, or integrate consignment tracking as a web service into your IT systems.

Link for the status query

The free service works by linking a fixed URL to the individual tracking number. This link takes you and your customers to Swiss Post's Track & Trace system. The link can be integrated into your website, your IT system, as well as in your e-mails and SMS. This means you can query the status of parcels, express items, letters and international consignments online.

Link format<Barcode1>,<Barcode2>,...,<Barcode10>

Inserting the consignment barcode:

Replace with the consignment barcode. You can enter up to ten consignment barcodes per query. Separate the individual consignment barcodes with a comma (,).


Consignment type Shipping barcode
Parcels, Swiss-Express “Moon”, SameDay afternoon, SameDay evening 99.12.123456.12345678
International consignments AB123456789CH
Letters 98.34.123456.12345678


This link allows you to provide the query field:

Track consignments in your own environment

Instead of using the “Track consignments” web service, we recommend our “Track consignments” API. In future, we will be investing increasingly in API technology and connecting more and more Swiss Post services to this programming interface. The API interface provides you with the same functions as the “Track consignments” web service. The “Track consignments” web service will be discontinued over the next few months and will subsequently no longer be available.

Go to API

Consignment tracking can also be integrated into your IT system and website via a web service. Your customer therefore does not need to leave your website to receive the latest information.

Technical requirements

A system with a web service interface, based on SOAP.

With the “Track consignments” web service, you can obtain data on the following types of consignment in a machine-readable format (XML).

  • Parcels
  • Letters with barcode
  • Swiss-Express consignments
  • Courier consignments
  • International consignments
  • Pallets
  • Letter ID

You also have the option of calling up signatures, consignment pictures and master data.

The postal parcel picture or, for registered consignments, the signature are only visible for consignments that have been sent with the corresponding franking licence.

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