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Cuore – the Swiss health platform
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Networking and integrated treatment are part of a progressive Swiss healthcare sector. Both initiatives improve the quality of care and provision, in addition to creating added value. That’s exactly why we are developing “Cuore – the Swiss health platform”. Managed services can be accessed from the secure digital platform as required. The focus is on services that simplify the daily work of service providers. The Cuore range is completed by patient services.

Core Services
The technical basis

The basic infrastructure of Cuore is formed of Core Services. These enable the use of connected E-collaboration and E-patient services.

E-collaboration services
Collaboration made easy

The E-collaboration services support healthcare professionals along the treatment path, ease the workload in administrative processes, and simplify the exchanging of technical information.

E-patient services
For patient well-being

E-patient services put the patient in the center and enable the direct exchange of information between patients and health professionals. Active participation from the patient is a prerequisite.

Integration services
Closer to the Cuore ecosystem

Integration services form the interface for systems and services with Cuore. They ensure that Cuore can integrate and work together with all healthcare ecosystem stakeholders.

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Simple and secure networking

Cuore is aimed at all healthcare stakeholders who are looking for an easy-to-use and secure solution for better healthcare. This includes hospitals, rehabilitation associations, medical practices, nursing homes, Assistance and Care at Home associations, health insurers, technology partners and patients.

A connection to the networking platform offers new ways to provide integrated treatment along the entire treatment path, for example, from the first doctor’s consultation via telemedicine to continuous observation of the patient via sensors.

Our partners
Collaboration as a key success factor

Digital services in the healthcare sector are just as interesting for specialists and service providers as they are for patients. By using Cuore as a hub, service providers can focus more on their core activities and therefore on treatment.

Nicole Burth, Member of Executive Management at Swiss Post and Head of Communication Services

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