IncaMail now an official holder of “swiss made software” and “swiss hosting” dual label

IncaMail doesn’t just stand for secure, verifiable and encrypted electronic sending of confidential information, it also stands for Swiss quality. We’re pleased that we now hold the dual “swiss made software” and “swiss hosting” label. IncaMail is developed entirely in Switzerland, and the service also ensures that all data is processed and held inside Switzerland.

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The “swiss made software” label is dedicated to promoting the Swiss software industry, both domestically and abroad. Values associated with the label include quality, reliability and precision. In software development in particular, these are core qualities – there’s a reason why companies such as Google and IBM operate research and development centers in Switzerland. Several criteria need to be met for a product to be permitted to promote its Swiss origins by using the “swiss made software” logo. IncaMail meets all of the label’s requirements. Our manufacturing costs are based entirely in Switzerland, and the company is also headquartered in Switzerland.

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About the label

“swiss made software” is the nationally and internationally recognized hallmark of Swiss quality in software development. “swiss hosting” was developed by the “swiss made software” label and is offered exclusively to its holders. As the cloud is still a very new concept, it did not previously have any link with Swissness. “swiss hosting” was developed with the aim of creating a comparable seal of quality. More information about the “swiss software” label can be found on the official website.