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Protected communication for companies and private customers

IncaMail is the Swiss Post e-mail encryption service ensuring simple and secure e-mailing of sensitive messages and documents. Many companies, authorities and private customers already place their trust in IncaMail when sending personal, confidential and registered e-mails.

IncaMail is very straightforward for users: senders send their IncaMail message from their usual e-mail environment or business software in just one click.

Simple, secure, compliant with data protection requirements
What secure communication looks like

In your day-to-day work, you send and receive sensitive data on a regular basis – including by e-mail. It’s direct, fast and convenient. Without encryption, you make it easier for unauthorized persons to gain access to your data and in some circumstances you could even face criminal charges when sending an e-mail which contains sensitive personal data.

With IncaMail, your e-mail communication is secure and compliant with data protection requirements. With just one click, you can protect your messages against loss, manipulation and falsification by unauthorized persons.

IncaMail in use
Classic use cases for IncaMail

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Secure for your day-to-day business
Integration into your systems

IncaMail can be easily integrated into your existing mail client (e.g. Outlook and Office 365) or your business software (SAP, Abacus, etc.). How to send confidential information, such as payslips, sensitive personal data or confidential business information faster, less expensively and more securely.

Digital dialogue with public authorities
Send secure and recognized e-mails

Provide important administrative and official processes in digital form. Sensitive information, such as tax assessment notices and legal documents, can be sent in an encrypted and traceable e-mail via IncaMail. IncaMail’s patented process meets the highest security standards. For this reason, it is officially recognized by the Federal Administration (FDJP) as a secure delivery platform for electronic data transmission in civil and criminal proceedings and debt enforcement and bankruptcy procedures in Switzerland.

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Protect private e-mails
Read and send with no additional effort

Communicate securely with companies, authorities and private individuals using your personal e-mail address. With IncaMail, you can protect your confidential messages against tampering, loss and access by third parties. With the Basic account for private customers, you can send up to ten encrypted e-mails per month free of charge.

IncaMail partners
Ensuring secure communication together

Many partners have already incorporated IncaMail into their application. They support companies and private customers in the successful implementation of IncaMail in the relevant business software package or e-mail client.

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