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Compatibility & requirements


Basically anyone who has a valid e-mail address can receive an IncaMail message. Business customers receive the messages directly in decrypted form and signed, all other recipients receive a message with an encrypted attachment (patented SAFE format of Swiss Post) in the mailbox of their e-mail software or their web mailer. This attachment can be easily opened with a browser (desktop) or a mobile app (smartphone, tablet) – with optional registration for IncaMail.

Please note: "Confidential" and "personal" messages can be received by everyone. To receive "registered" messages via IncaMail, registration and the one-off approval of the recipient are required.


Secure IncaMail messages can be sent in three ways:

  • Private users and teams: via the web interface of IncaMail
  • Organisations with direct connection of the mail infrastructure to IncaMail (MGI): via add-ins for the popular mail clients (Outlook, Thunderbird, Lotus Notes…)
  • Via business software with IncaMail integration, e.g. for delivering wage documents