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Creating the dispatch list online simplifies the preparation of bulk mailings. Swiss Post business customers can quickly and conveniently complete the delivery note for PP bulk mailings online, saving time.

Service and features

The “Letters dispatch list” online service makes it easier than ever to record postage paid consignments.

The following functions are available.

  • Creation of the dispatch list/delivery note for PP-franked letter mail
  • Declaration for letter mail in Switzerland and abroad
  • Simple recording of information according to product and quantity
  • Order overview available
  • Copying of orders possible
  • Creation of templates
  • Personal settings possible

Who is this service for?

The “Letters dispatch list” online service is only intended for companies who maintain a billing relationship with Swiss Post. The dispatch list is included with the PP consignments as a delivery note when posting.


The “Letters dispatch list” online service is free of charge.

The dispatch list is used as a basis for the monthly invoicing of postage costs. The currently valid shipping charges can be found in the Swiss Post price lists.

Domestic letter prices

International letter prices


Login / registration

To use the “Letters dispatch list” online service, you must log in and register for the online service.

Contractual requirement

No contractual agreement is required to use the “Letters dispatch list” online service. You must, however, have a billing relationship with Swiss Post. This will be automatically requested when registering for the online service.

Technical requirements

  • Common Internet browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox etc.)
  • JavaScript functionality (recommended)
  • PDF reader (e.g. Adobe Reader)
  • You will need a printer to print out the mailing documents.

Additional requirements

The letter mail and the dispatch list must be handed over at a post office, a letter or logistics center or collected from the company.

There is no minimum volume for PP consignments.


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With the PP impression, you can conveniently frank bulk-posted items correctly and securely. The printed postal prepayment impression “PP” replaces the postage stamp or franking with the franking machine. To calculate the cost, complete the dispatch list/delivery note and hand it over to Swiss Post together with the consignments.

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Having problems creating the document?

You can find information on current disruptions and possible courses of action at the following link: help.swisspost.ch

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