Logistics Services

In the new Logistics Services (LS) Group unit, we pool our logistics competencies.

People in Switzerland increasingly want immediate, nationwide and eco-friendly services – preferably delivered to their own front door. For this reason, we’re developing new services and offers in the Logistics Services Group unit and are specifically expanding the “last mile”. We’re also developing one-stop industry and customer solutions, helping to give Switzerland a competitive edge. In the goods transport sector, we’re consolidating our position as a market leader, while expanding the goods logistics service beyond national borders, ensuring that Swiss companies are connected to international markets. In future, we aim to provide logistics services based on cutting-edge solutions and to help shape the digitization of logistics by forming partnerships and participating in logistics platforms.

Communication Services

Communication Services is driving the digital transformation in Switzerland.
The everyday routines and needs of people in Switzerland are changing: the careful handling of sensitive data is set to become even more important in future. At the same time, customers – whether private individuals, companies or public authorities – want a positive experience. At Communication Services, the focus is on these customer needs. We believe that the secure and simple handling of digital information is vital for a progressive Switzerland.

To reach this goal, we’re building on the experience we’ve gained as a trustworthy, neutral intermediary for sensitive information. We’re packaging this experience into powerful digital solutions, services and themes. We’re using these to take everyone in Switzerland into the digital era.


We’re the service network for a modern Switzerland: with its unique network of access points, PostalNetwork is an essential link between the public and Swiss companies. The self-operated branches will remain a key touchpoint, offering customers added value, thanks to personal advice and an impressive range of services.

Mobility Services

The demand for mobility in Switzerland is continuing to rise. Mobility is part of Swiss Post’s DNA. We’re developing innovative new offers and services for all aspects of mobility and shared mobility. Under the umbrella of Mobility Services, PostBus, Post Company Cars and PubliBike are taking a forward-looking approach and are working across company boundaries – to achieve simple and efficient, sustainable and digitally connected mobility services.

  • PostBus is the leader in road passenger transport. Every second public transport stop in Switzerland is a PostBus stop. With our 2,400 modern vehicles, we transport over 167 million passengers every year. Responding to our customers’ changing needs, we constantly develop new mobility offers and services.
  • Post Company Cars is the largest full-service fleet manager in Switzerland. We are the leader in fleet management and in efficient and sustainable mobility solutions.
  • PubliBike is the largest bike sharing service in Switzerland. We operate a bicycle hire system with a fleet of around 5,500 bicycles and e-bikes. Since 2017, we’ve been managing around 500 stations in cities and regions in all parts of the country.

Information Technology I/T

The driving force behind digitization at Swiss Post

The I/T function unit serves as an internal service provider and operates a competitive ICT infrastructure within Swiss Post Group. I/T has a bi-modal focus and has three main roles. First, it is a “business enabler” for launching new business models. Secondly, it aims to support the growth strategies of the business units on a sustainable basis. And thirdly, it serves an “efficiency and effectiveness enhancer” that develops effective solutions for the Group.

I/T supports Swiss Post in the transformation process with digital solutions. They’re based on the latest technologies such as the Internet of things, the cloud, blockchains and artificial intelligence.

Real Estate (IMS)

Post Real Estate (IMS) is a function unit of Swiss Post Ltd and has over 1,000 staff. IMS is exclusively tasked with handling all property-related management and services for Swiss Post units and its properties, as well as for selected customers. IMS takes care of the entire real estate management process and handles portfolio management, facility management, construction project management, cleaning, new working environments and maintenance.

Swiss Post Solutions (SPS)

We connect the physical and digital worlds.

Swiss Post Solutions (SPS) is a globally leading supplier of business process services in document management, with a focus on digitization and new technologies. SPS has over 7,500 employees and operates in more than 20 countries worldwide. SPS offers services for customers from various industries, such as banks, insurers and other service sectors, including many Fortune 500 companies.


The daily routines and needs of people and companies are changing. Swiss Post Communication connects the physical and digital worlds, bringing Switzerland together. We have our fingers on the pulse of the community and are constantly evolving. We communicate in a customer-centered, persuasive and effective style. By doing so, we create lasting experiences for our staff, customers and partners.


As a broad-based function, the Finance unit ensures the effective control and financial management of the Group and the Group units at Swiss Post. We focus on proximity to the business and are therefore a reliable, professional and highly-skilled partner for the various business and function units. This helps us create added value for Swiss Post.

Human Resources

At Swiss Post Human Resources, staff are our focus. With this in mind, we’re continuing to develop our diverse, innovative working environments and are committed to modern employment conditions. We offer a variety of exciting HR functions and specialist roles. We assist, support and empower our employees and managers in all HR issues and processes, and position Swiss Post as an attractive employer.

CEO Corporate Services

The role of Corporate Services is to address strategically important issues in close proximity to the CEO, ensuring that decisions are taken more quickly. The Corporate Services function unit is focused on the needs of the different units and officially defined tasks for the Group. The units GRCS (Governance, Risk Management, Compliance, Security), Legal, Regulatory Affairs, the EM Secretariat, Corporate Development and External Affairs collectively make up Corporate Services. We act quickly, simply and in an integrated way.

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