Cookies and social media

What is this about?

Swiss Post uses cookies, scripts and tools for its digital presence. It also uses various social media channels to offer solutions and make contact with its customers and partners.

You can object to the use and deployment of cookies and scripts at any time using the consent banner.  If you also disable strictly essential cookies via your browser settings, it may no longer be possible to display our webpages to you correctly.

Please note that the consent banner with direct control of cookies is being introduced gradually on the various microsites. If the old cookie banner is still displayed on the page you visit, the use of cookies can only be managed via the browser functions (settings or add-ons).

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a text file with short data sequences (a sequence of letters and numbers) that by itself cannot perform any operations. This text file is transferred to your browser by the web server when you visit a website. The cookie is stored on your local computer. There are two different types of cookie: temporary cookies and permanent cookies.

We use both temporary cookies, which are automatically deleted from your mobile device or computer at the end of the browser session, and permanent cookies, which remain on your computer or mobile device for up to ten years after the browser session. They are automatically disabled after the programmed time. It is generally safe to enable cookies when visiting our digital presence. When using a third-party computer, however, we recommend deleting cookies and your browser history to prevent subsequent users from being able to see your browsing behaviour.

What types of cookies do we use?

Swiss Post uses various types of cookies, which are categorized as “functional”, “analytical” or “marketing” cookies. We therefore also use these tools for a variety of purposes. These include, in particular:

What data do we process?

The following data, in particular, is processed via the use of cookies:

  • IP address of the device making the request
  • Date and time of the access
  • Name and URL of the data accessed
  • Operating system and user interface of your computer or user device
  • Browser used by you (type, version, settings and language)
  • Name of your internet service provider
  • Content of the request (specific page)
  • Access status/HTTP status code
  • Device type (desktop, tablet, mobile)
  • Usage and navigation data of

The cookies banner lets you see what type of cookies we use, how long the individual cookies are stored for and where the data is processed and whether the collected data is shared.

Does Swiss Post use social media plugins on its webpages?

We also use social media plugins on our websites. These are deactivated by default and therefore do not automatically send any data to social network operators. Data can only be shared with these networks once you have consented or if you interact with the plugins.

What social media platforms does Swiss Post have a presence on?

Swiss Post uses the following social media channels and services for its digital presence and for integration into its website:

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