Data protection and disclaimer

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We regard the protection of your personal data as a very important matter. That is why it is important to us that you understand how and why we pro-cess your data and what rights you have. Here you will find information about the processing of your data when visiting our website and using our services as well as the way in which your address is handled at Swiss Post.

Privacy Policy for our digital presence

How your data is processed when you access our digital presence

Digital presence

Data protection notice for Swiss Post services

How your data is processed when you use our services


Swiss Post branches

How we process your data in our branches

Swiss Post branches

Cookies and social media

The cookies deployed on our digital presence and our social media presence

Cookies and social media

Delivery addresses at Swiss Post

How your delivery address information is processed

Delivery address

Legal information

Further legal information relating to our digital presence

Legal information

These privacy policies do not provide exhaustive information about all the data processing activities undertaken at Swiss Post. For selected services, especially for our business customers, Swiss Post may provide information elsewhere.

Phishing and attempted fraud on the Internet

The increasing number of attempts at fraud on the Internet deliberately target any carelessness on the part of users in order to gain access to coveted data. Here you will find information on what you and Swiss Post can do about them, and where you can report suspicious cases.