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    Information processing 34 KB - 03.10.2012

    ... End-to-end quality management with integrated management reporting
    available online. We operate the defined information ...

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    vivates Referral 31 KB - 25.06.2014

    ... referrals are not subject to media disruptions: referring physicians can directly
    register patients using practice software, via the online portal or, like ...

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    Certificates & digital Signature 30 KB - 27.09.2013

    ... SwissSign's qualified certificates are thus a virtual passport and ballpoint pen
    in one, enabling you to verify your identity online and sign in a legally ...

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    Value & Loyalty Cards 34 KB - 07.08.2014

    ... Address data processing and postage cost optimisation, including
    production controlling by means of online reporting tool; ...

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