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Simple with “pick@home”

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With pick@home, you don’t have to take parcels to a branch: simply order collection online or using the Post-App. We will then collect your parcel from your home or from an address of your choice.

At a glance:

  • Free of charge for parcels with a return label
  • CHF 4.50 plus postage for parcels without a return label
  • Collection address of your choice
  • Collection is confirmed by e-mail
  • Online consignment tracking

The pick@home service is intended for private individuals. Companies can find information on collection under Have business consignments collected.

Here’s how it works

  • Prepare parcel

    Pack the goods securely with a suitable sturdy cardboard box.

  • Register collection

    Option 1: You have a return label. Keep this label at hand and order a collection. To do so, use the “pick@home” online service or the Post-App.

    Option 2: You create a label yourself. To do so, use the “Domestic parcel labels” online service or DigitalStamp in the Post-App. You can also order the collection while creating your label.

    By the way: you are free to choose the collection address. This may differ from the sender address. Affix the label to the parcel’s largest surface. As an optional extra, we can print your label for you, and the mail carrier will stick it on the parcel during collection.

  • Have parcel ready

    We collect your parcel the following day or on a working day of your choice. Leave it at the agreed location from 7 a.m. on the collection day.

What should we collect?
Select the type of parcel

You have a return label
For an online shop

You have received a parcel and would like to return it. To do so, use the return label from the online shop.

More about “Return parcel”

Collection price

Free of charge

You require a parcel label
For all parcels in Switzerland

You want to send a parcel. Frank the parcel online using the “Domestic parcel labels” service or by using the Post-App.

More about “Franking parcels”

Collection price

CHF 4.50 (including VAT)

Additional services
When collecting your parcel

Collection from an upper floor
We collect the parcel from the front door of your flat.



Notification by telephone
We will call you as soon as we get there.



We take care of packaging your goods.



All prices in CHF, incl. VAT

Practical: the Post-App
Have parcels collected and more

The Post-App gives you access to Swiss Post’s services anytime and anywhere. You can create labels, arrange collections, track consignments and much more – all conveniently via smartphone. Download it now and try it out!

Select the relevant store or scan the QR code.

Post-App QR code

Important information

Further options
Drop off your parcels the way that suits you best.

A package is standing in front of a door waiting to be picked up.

Do you run your own online shop?
Offer your customers genuine added value with our pick@home integration.