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    Postal customs clearance 38 KB - 29.10.2013

    Postal customs clearance. Postal customs clearance includes the import
    clearance of letters, parcels and EMS consignments ...

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    Export: Customs/VAT 67 KB - 27.02.2012

    ... goods subject to export permission. Start of page. For which postal products
    is the electronic assessment decision available? ...

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     <soap:Envelope xmlns:soap=" ... 65 KB

    ... postale</Description> <Description langIsoCode="fr">En cours de
    dédouanement</Description> <Description langIsoCode="en">Postal customs ...

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     Events 26 KB

    ... plus vidée, La cassetta delle lettere/casella postale non viene ... Opposition facteur,
    Opposizione collaboratore recapito, Legal objection postal carrier. ...

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     A small contribution with a big impact. Let us help you protect ... 976 KB

    ... Our “pro clima” offering now enables you to help protect the environment
    whenever you use the postal service: the CO2 emissions that occur during ...

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     General Terms and Conditions “My Post Business” 121 KB

    ... 8 Data protection and security 8.1 Swiss Post observes the provisions of the
    Postal Services Act and Swiss Data Protection Act when recording and ...

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     General Terms and Conditions PickPost and My Post 24 150 KB

    ... 2. Supplementary provisions In addition to this, the relevant General Terms
    and Conditions "Postal Services" and "Login Swiss Post" apply ...

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    Special delivery of legal documents 35 KB - 14.02.2012

    ... After failed delivery by the postal carrier and after expiry of the collection time
    limit of 7 days from the post office counter, our courier service will take ...

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    Import: Customs/VAT 75 KB - 27.02.2012

    ... There is no cost involved in registering a duty-free postal item for customs. ...
    Advise the sender that the postal item must be adequately declared. ...

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    Dispobox: How it works 33 KB - 16.09.2011

    ... In order for the pool system to work, send the Dispoboxes within two months.
    Our postal carrier takes the full Dispobox to your customer. ...

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