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    Swiss Post and trade unions agree on new CEC 31 KB - 02.03.2015

    Swiss Post, the trade union syndicom and the staff association transfair have
    concluded negotiations on new collective employment contracts (CEC ...

  • Climate protection 34 KB - 16.01.2013

    Through its climate protection strategy, Swiss Post wants to cut its
    annual CO2 emissions by 15000 tonnes by 2013. ...

  • Swiss Post focuses on online business and makes parcels ... 31 KB - 10.06.2013

    Swiss Post follows the requirements of its customers and is further
    expanding its strategic focus on the e-commerce market. ...

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    Social media 32 KB - 24.05.2012

    Additional Content. Social media. Swiss Post in a dialogue ... Read more about
    Swiss Post and contact us. We're interested in your opinion! Facebook. ...

  • Discover our sustainability package! 40 KB - 25.09.2014

    ... Swiss Post is committed to protecting the environment and the climate, offers
    progressive working conditions, applies a responsible procurement ...

  • Using resources prudently 30 KB - 05.04.2013

    Swiss Post behaves in an environmentally friendly manner, it is reducing its
    energy and resource consumption, and is developing environmentally ...

  • The updated Swiss Post company presentation 28 KB - 13.03.2014

    ... or send an e-mail: (PDF, 10 MB). The updated Swiss
    Post company presentation. back. Press release ...

  • Sustainable action 31 KB - 04.12.2014

    Swiss Post is committed to sustainability and operates in an economically,
    environmentally and socially responsible manner. ...

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    Swiss Post Solutions 33 KB - 20.10.2010

    Swiss Post Solutions. ... With approximately 6,400 full-time employees, Swiss
    Post Solutions operates internationally in all major economic regions. ...

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    Swiss Post pension fund 30 KB - 09.11.2009

    With around 60 employees, the Swiss Post pension fund is one of the largest
    of its kind in Switzerland. Additional Content. Swiss Post pension fund. ...

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