Receipt locations
Receive your mail where and when you want

Alternative receipt locations and times

In general, we deliver your post as follows: 

  • Letters and small parcels to your private letter box
  • Larger parcels and registered mail to the front door

If we miss you, you will receive a collection note which you can use to collect parcels or registered items at your branch.

Would you like to receive your mail somewhere else in future? With My consignments you can easily select the receiving location. The following options are available.

Near you

  • Over 2,600 service points offer the PickPost service
  • Free of charge to receive mail
  • Flexible opening hours
  • Sending mail also possible
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Around the clock
My Post 24

  • More than 150 My Post 24 points
  • Free of charge to receive mail
  • Also usable as a locker
  • Sending mail also possible 
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Early in the morning
P.O. Box for letters

  • Receive mail early in the morning, even before counters have opened
  • Free basic service
  • As a rule, access to the P.O. Box around the clock
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By the house entrance
Parcel box

  • Ideal for apartment buildings
  • Have parcels deposited securely by the building entrance
  • Lockable and protected from the weather 
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At a specific time
Special delivery for business mail

  • For business customers
  • If you would like to receive mail before the regular delivery round or at a specific time

Special addresses

Association address
A fixed address for your association mail

  • Ideal for associations without a fixed domicile address
  • Association mail is forwarded to a specified person
  • The association address comprises the association name, postcode and town 
  • CHF 20 per year 
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One address for several recipients

  • Private or business
  • For companies with different departments
  • For subtenants
  • From CHF 30 per year  
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Temporarily without an address?
Poste restante consignment

  • If you’re travelling or temporarily do not have a fixed address
  • Your mail will be available for collection at the branch for up to one month 
  • Free of charge
  • Addressing: write “Poste restante” between the name and the address
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Receive mail digitally
E-Post Office, the paperless office

Too much paperwork? Digitize your office: pay invoices, archive documents and deal with correspondence – it’s easy with your E-Post Office. 

Have mail deposited at your home
Manage receipt of mail

Receive your parcels at home, even if you aren’t there: at your request, we will deposit parcels at your home or deliver only on certain days. Delivery to neighbours is also possible.

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