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Are you often not at home when the mail carrier calls? Then PickPost is the ideal solution for you. Because with PickPost, you’ll benefit from flexible receipt of parcels and registered letters.

The advantages for you:

  • PickPost is free of charge
  • You can receive your consignments flexibly
  • In some online shops, you can select the receipt location
  • You can redirect parcels with ease via “My consignments”

Here’s how it works

Receiving parcels


Register free of charge for the PickPost service.


In online shops with integrated PickPost, you can select the desired collection point during the check-out process, or enter the address of the service point offering the PickPost service and your user ID.


Notifications about incoming parcels will be provided by e-mail or SMS.


You can collect the parcel or registered letter with proof of notification (SMS or e-mail) and a valid ID at the service point offering the PickPost service. Where required, you must sign for the receipt of the consignment and pay any expenses.

Who is this service for and preconditions

The PickPost service is exclusively available to private individuals with their place of residence in Switzerland.

To use PickPost, complete the free, one-off registration process in the Customer Center. You will then receive a letter with a confirmation code for your address within three days. After you have signed up, you will receive an e-mail with your personal User ID. You will need this ID to specify a service point offering the PickPost service as a recipient address. If you have already registered, add the “PickPost and My Post 24” option in the Customer Center under “Settings”. PickPost is active once you have received the confirmation by e-mail. To use SMS notifications, you require a mobile phone with a telephone number registered in Switzerland.

You can find your personal User ID in the Customer Center settings. If you wish, you can also set your own User ID there.

To ensure that your consignment can be delivered to your chosen service point using the PickPost service, the address must be entered as follows:

Address fields Address details Example with Steven Sample and PickPost User ID
First name and last name First name and last name Steven Sample
Additional address information Keyword and User ID PickPost “Your User ID”1
Street PickPost address Bahnhofstrasse 67
Postcode and town Postcode and town 5000 Aarau

Should only three address lines be available, enter your first name and last name in the “First name” field and the keyword and User ID in the “Last name” field.

1 Please write the keyword PickPost and the User ID each as one word, e.g. PickPost PT123456.

You can find the current service points offering the PickPost service in the location search. You will find the correct addresses under “Show location details”.

When collecting consignments using PickPost, the following costs may (depending on the billing method) be incurred:

  • Customs duties
  • Cost of goods
  • Charges for forwarding to parcel terminals
  • Possible fees
  • Cash on delivery amount (if the “electronic cash on delivery” value-added service is used)

At certain service points, you can also send unfranked parcels. When posting in branches, prices based on weight apply.

At service points such as PickMup, prices are determined based on parcel size (PDF, 100.2 KB) (M, L and XL).

If a consignment is already on the way to your home, you will receive a notification by e-mail or SMS. You then have the option to redirect the parcel to a service point of your choice that offers the PickPost service, using the “My consignments” online service.

Or have you already found a collection note in your letter box? Even then, you can still have your consignment redirected.

You can also redirect consignments using “Collection note” in the free Post-App.

You can easily hand over returns that have a returns label at a service point using the PickPost service. If the online retailer requires reimbursement for the return, you can pay the amount directly there.

Returning goods to mail order companies


No. For every order, you enter your chosen service point offering the PickPost service as the delivery address along with your personal User ID (formerly the customer number). This means that you can select a different service point for each consignment.

No, unfortunately such consignments cannot be delivered to a service point offering the PickPost service.

For international consignments, please clarify with the sender whether Swiss Post has been selected for the delivery. The PickPost address does not work with other parcel post services.

No, you will find the correct addressing format for your service point offering the PickPost service in the location search (see “Addressing consignments correctly”). The P.O. Box addresses are no longer valid.

When collecting consignments, you must provide the consignment number (proof of notification via SMS or e-mail) and a valid, official form of identification. Family members with the same last name may also collect consignments for you if they have a valid, official form of identification with them.

You can authorize a third party to collect a correctly labelled consignment with a single authorization at a self-operated branch or at a branch with partner. You can order a single authorization via the “Edit collection note” online service or by telephone via the Swiss Post Contact Center (+41 800 888 099).

Single or permanent authorizations are not valid at service points that offer only the PickPost service.


  • Parcels up to 30 kg
  • Registered letters
  • International consignments*
  • Swiss-Express “Moon”
  • Delivery by Swiss Post

Not accepted:

Consignments without barcode

Letters and international consignments without a barcode, containing goods and with correct addressing to a service point offering the PickPost service will be provided with a barcode by Swiss Post and deposited at the appropriate point, and the customer will be notified. Swiss Post delivers international consignments that do not have a barcode or contain goods to the recipient’s home.

* For international consignments, please clarify with the sender whether Swiss Post has been selected for the delivery.

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