Moving house
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Relocation checklist
Moving into your new home, step by step

A relocation checklist helps you to plan your move and to tackle the individual steps in good time. Using this list, create your own personalized checklist.

What needs to be planned early on?

  • House-hunting: ordering debt collection register and criminal records extracts
    Order debt collection register and criminal records extracts with no extra effort from your nearest Swiss Post branch. You will receive the extracts by post within two to five working days.
  • Registered Prepaid
    Send notice that you’re leaving your old home by Registered Prepaid. You can purchase the Registered Prepaid label from your Swiss Post branch or at and then simply post the letter of notification at a letter box.
  • Change of address with forwarding
    Choose either the Basic or Premium package online and receive a pleasant surprise when we send your welcome post. Your Swiss Post branch would also be happy to accept a change of address with forwarding.
  • Notification of move
    Use the free notification of move to enable Swiss Post to inform your insurance companies, banks and other service providers of your change of address.
  • Moving and cleaning companies
    Get 5 quotes for your move and a final clean of your old apartment with our partner MOVU free of charge and with no obligation.
  • Rental deposit guarantee without a SwissCaution bank deposit
    Maintain access to your money and take advantage of the benefits of the rental deposit guarantee without a bank deposit from SwissCaution. Visit your nearest Swiss Post branch for advice.
  • Mobiliar insurance
    Check your insurance policies and visit your Swiss Post branch for advice. Play it safe with the right household insurance – such as the services from Mobiliar.
  • Clean your apartment
  • Get rid of waste and bulky goods
  • Inform your neighbours and the building caretaker that you are moving
  • Organize a babysitter and dogsitter
  • Agree on a handover date with the property management company
  • Reserve a parking space in front of the building
  • Book a vehicle for transportation
  • Ask friends and helpers for assistance in good time 
  • Organize materials for the move (boxes, adhesive tape, bubble wrap)
  • Pack and label boxes

What is important?

  • Pack personal and valuable items separately
  • Provide a toolbox
  • Provide food and drink for the helpers
  • Support and protect plants
  • Label the room doors

What should you bear in mind?

  • Stamps
    Inform your friends and acquaintances of your new address by post and embellish your letters or cards with an attractive stamp. You can find all the latest motifs at Swiss Post branches and at:
  • PostCard Creator
    Do you want your change of address cards to be even more personal and even higher quality? Use the PostCard Creator online tool to design and send your cards.
  • Brot-Post
    Have your favourite bread delivered to your new home by your local bakery.
  • Regional products
    Have vegetable boxes or other regional products delivered to your new address by your mail carrier.
  • Post-App
    Install the Post-App and find your nearest Swiss Post access points in your new neighbourhood in an instant.
  • Handover with house administration
    Settle the deposit guarantee, acceptance protocol
  • Clean your old apartment (or have it cleaned)
  • Register with the municipality
Relocation checklist

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