PP franking solution
The simple franking solution for bulk mailing

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Frank your bulk mailings quickly, correctly and securely with PP franking. With the “PP” postage paid impression, you frank your consignments and post them together with a dispatch list or delivery note.

The key points at a glance:

  • For business customers with a billing relationship
  • Private individuals pay at the branch
  • Franking solution for mailings and bulk mailings
  • Without additional costs
  • Create postage paid impressions easily yourself
  • With a data matrix code upon request

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Important information

Prepare letters with postage paid impression
For business customers with a billing relationship

As a business customer with a billing relationship, various solutions help you to prepare your PP consignments.

Create a postage paid impression
Create a postage paid impression and data matrix code

  • For domestic and international consignments
  • Incl. data matrix code for franking and address zone
  • Import recipient addresses with/without Letter ID (max. 5,000 per impression created)
  • Add a logo, image or slogan to the franking
  • Determine what Swiss Post should do with your return shipments.
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Postage paid impression by Swiss Post
PP and A Mail labelling

Are your consignments ready for mailing, but lack the necessary PP impression? Or is the A Mail label not yet affixed on your consignments? No problem: give us the consignments and we will take care of the rest – with the “PP franking and A Mail labelling” value-added service.

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Dispatch list online
Create dispatch list

  • For all domestic and international letter mail
  • Overview of all orders from the last six months
  • Return of customer duplicate via e-mail
  • Less than 50 consignments can be handed in without incurring additional costs.
  • Simultaneous declaration of bulk mailings

Post letters conveniently
For business customers with a billing relationship

Our solutions for business customers with a billing relationship enable you to conveniently post your PP consignments or have them collected.

Advance notice of bulk mailing
Register bulk mailing in good time

  • A Mail: from 10,000 items
  • B Mail individual items: from 10,000 items
  • B bulk mailings: from 30,000 items
  • OnTime Mail: always

Notification min. 72 hrs in advance

Empty containers for posting
Order letter crates and bulk containers

  • Order online at any time of day
  • Empty container calculator
  • Order until 12 noon, delivery the next working day
  • Only for domestic letter mail
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Have postal items collected
Save time and money

  • For all franked postal items
  • Regular collections
  • Collection upon request
  • Notification min. 4 hrs in advance
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