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Posting without a dispatch list for letters with barcode

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Letter mail easy simplifies the mailing of letters with barcodes, such as Registered Switzerland, A Mail Plus, court documents and Dispomail. Such letters are handed over without a dispatch list. You affix the barcode label with PP impression on the letter mail, create a barcode list – and the consignment is prepared.

  • For domestic letter mail with confirmation of receipt (e.g. registered mail)
  • Collection of the data required for billing via the barcode
  • Itemized list of the number of letters per day in the monthly invoice
  • PP impression can be integrated into the barcode or printed on the envelope

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Who is this service for? Preconditions

Letter mail easy is a service for business customers who have a billing relationship.

The mailed letters are charged in accordance with the barcodes scanned during letter processing. The monthly invoice is settled using the inpayment slip or via postal account debit.

For Letter mail easy, you will need a barcode with a Letter mail easy franking licence number and a PP impression. No Letter mail easy franking licence number? Get in touch with us.

Here’s how it works

  1. 1

    Order barcode labels with the “Order barcodes & shipping labels” online service. Alternatively you can print the labels directly onto the consignments. Follow the instructions in the “Barcodes and data matrix codes for letter mail” manual.

  2. 2

    Label letter mail (Registered, A Mail Plus, Dispomail, court and debt collection documents) with your barcode labels.

  3. 3

    Create a barcode list per posting (list 21 or 23 and delivery note 22 for court documents). No list is required for Dispomail consignments if the posting contains the same barcode number used several times. Alternatively, you can transfer your consignment data electronically via DataTransfer. In this case, you will receive the delivery note by PDF after the data has been transferred.

  4. 4

    Hand over your letters together with the barcode list in your nearest branch or a letter or logistics center, or have your consignments collected by Swiss Post.

Everything you need
Order barcodes and barcode lists

Order barcodes
Order barcodes and shipping labels

  • Barcodes and shipping labels
  • For domestic and international letters and parcels
  • Delivery within 72 hours
  • Free for online orders
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Order barcode lists
Order forms and brochures

  • Barcode list 21, 23 and 22
  • For domestic and international letters and parcels
  • Shipping material
  • Stickers
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Let Swiss Post handle it all
Affixing barcodes to letter mail

Hand your letters over to Swiss Post employees. We handle the task of affixing the labels to the letters and completing the barcode list. We also add the addresses if required.

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