Letter mail returns
Processing returned letters efficiently

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If letters are undeliverable or are refused by the recipient, this incurs expenses and costs. With Swiss Post’s solutions, you can process returns efficiently and reduce them in future.

Key points in brief

  • Manage returns with Letter ID
  • Digital processing of your returns
  • Reduce returns with various measures

How do letters become returns?

There are various reasons why a letter becomes a return.


It was not possible to deliver the letter. For example, because the address is incorrect or the recipient has moved away.


Dependent on format and weight

All shipment types
Free of charge

Not collected

The recipient has received a collection note. However, the letter was not collected within the time limit.

Price per return

Dependent on format and weight

Other shipment types

Delivery refused

The recipient refused to accept the letter immediately or subsequently.

Price per return

Dependent on format and weight

Other shipment types

All prices in CHF, including VAT.

Managing returns

As a rule, returns are sent back to the sender indicated on the consignment. With the data matrix code (Letter ID and Letter ID light), we offer you various options for managing your returns.

Send return back
Physical return delivery

  • Letter is returned to sender
  • Return to an alternative address on request

Free of charge

Free of charge

Handling returns digitally
Digital preparation (provision)

  • Digital processing of your returns
  • Receive information such as the consignment image or reason for return digitally

+ 0.09 / item

+ CHF 0.09 per return

Disposal of returns
What you no longer require

  • Simple disposal
  • Qualified disposal (shredding)

For details and differences, see the Returns factsheet (PDF, 141.7 KB).

Simple disposal

Free of charge

Qualified disposal

CHF 0.02 per return

All prices in CHF, including VAT.

How to reduce returns
Correct addresses – fewer returns

Have print templates checked
Free service

Swiss Post checks your letters, mailings and fliers free of charge.

Find out more

Check addresses
Before shipping

Check whether your letters are deliverable before mailing.

Find out more

Maintaining addresses
For current address data

Giving you full control over your address management.

Find out more

Price benefits for addressed letters

As a business customer with a billing relationship, you will benefit from price reductions and discounts if your letter volumes are prepared correctly. This is your reward for supporting efficient processing.

We would be pleased to provide you with personalized advice
Do you have any questions about returns management? We will be happy to inform you of your options in a personal meeting.

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