Electronic cash on delivery for letters
The practical and safe debt collection solution for letter mail up to CHF 10,000.00

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The “Electronic cash on delivery” value-added service operates according to the “goods in return for money” principle: recipients receive consignments only once they have signed for them and paid the cash amount due (max. CHF 10,000.00). The corresponding amount is then immediately transferred to the sender’s postal or bank account.

  • Safe debt collection
  • Up to max. CHF 10,000.00
  • The recipient only receives the consignment in exchange for cash
  • Immediate transfer of the amount collected to the sender

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Who is this service for and preconditions

The “Electronic cash on delivery of letters” value-added service is offered to business customers who have a billing relationship with Swiss Post, and works on a contract basis.

The “Electronic cash on delivery of letters” value-added service can be used in combination with the following basic service up to a maximum payment collection amount of CHF 10,000.00 for domestic consignments.

Important information

The electronic cash on delivery (BLN) must be labelled with a consignment barcode and the “BLN” sticker (incl. amount to be collected on delivery).

Find out more about preparing consignments with a barcode.

Swiss Post accepts liability in the event of loss, damage or incorrect delivery of the consignment in accordance with the range of basic services offered (as per the valid GTC “Postal services”).

You can track electronic cash on delivery processes using the “Track consignments” online service.

  • No cash payment (only transfer to postal or bank account)
  • No international consignments 
  • Letters with the “Electronic cash on delivery” value-added service can only be sent via the “Franking letters with barcode”, “DataTransfer” or “WebStamp” online services or via the “Barcode” web service


Safe debt collection
Electronic cash on delivery for Registered, A and B Mail

Value-added service

Surcharge on Registered, A and B Mail

Electronic cash on delivery

+ 15.00

All prices in CHF (incl. VAT)

Practical information for letters with barcode

Resources for consignments with barcode
Support for preparing consignments correctly

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Barcodes and labels
Order options for business customers

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Barcode list and delivery note
Documents for the posting of letters with barcodes

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Electronic data exchange with Swiss Post

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“Barcode” web service
Obtain barcodes directly from your own company system

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“Track consignments” web service
Integration of Track & Trace into company systems

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