Parcel labels for high consignment volumes
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With the barcode API, you can generate and print labels with a barcode for your parcels and express items directly via your system. Barcode API also enables you to directly transfer consignment and billing data, as well as status reports, between your company and Swiss Post. This simplifies posting, creates transparency across the mailing process and saves time and money.

Compliant labels for parcels and express items

Compliant labels for parcels and express items

The advantages for you

  • Create compliant labels for parcels and express items for large volumes of consignments.
  • Convenient to use directly from your system
  • Easy integration into your web shop
  • Status reports on your consignments

Here’s how it works

The API Barcode gives you access to the complete product portfolio for parcels (for example PostPac Priority or Same Day) and express items including additional services (e.g. Signature). You generate and print the labels directly from your system.

At the same time, you link the consignment data with your own data for your own processes.

Find out in the practical example how you can use the Swiss Post plug-ins to make a simple purchase an enjoyable experience for your customers.


The interface is free of charge. You only invest in connecting it to your system.

Who is this service for & preconditions

The API interface Barcode is suitable for companies with higher volumes of consignments, which automatically create address labels and also want to optimize their processes. They should also be capable of integrating the interface in their systems. A prerequisite is a billing relationship with Swiss Post.

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