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Nexus takes advantage of the opportunities of digitization

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The software provider Nexus Ltd sends payslips electronically via IncaMail, thereby benefiting from the advantages of digital mailing: less effort and paper and lower costs.

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Initial situation and challenges

The product claim of Nexus Ltd is “one click to information”. The company also wants to keep its own procedures streamlined and efficient, and has therefore opted to send payslips in digital format. The electronic mailing solution should of course be trustworthy.

The solution

IncaMail satisfies all the requirements and standards stipulated by labour law. This was a key reason behind Nexus’ decision to turn to IncaMail. The data are completely secure, as the patented IncaMail encryption process means that no data are ever stored anywhere. To be able to use IncaMail, Nexus simply had to adjust its SAP, a process that took less than two days including tests and readjustments. Thanks to IncaMail, Nexus enjoys all the advantages of digital mailing of payslips: a smaller workload, reduced postage and less paper. Nexus is so satisfied that the company is planning to send other HR documents electronically, for example social insurance information.

Features and benefits

  • Simplified procedures: using IncaMail, payslips can be sent via existing HR software at the click of a mouse.
  • Time and cost savings: no printing, packaging or postage required.
  • Data security: IncaMail’s patented SAFE encryption technology protects e-mails against unauthorized access.
  • Verifiability: IncaMail fulfils the statutory framework conditions for the electronic mailing of payslips. Mailing is documented by Swiss Post and can be verified at any time.
  • Traceability: using IncaMail, employees can download their payslips themselves at any time – even from abroad.


Wankdorfallee 4
CH-3030 Bern

E incamail.ch@swisspost.ch


Irmastrasse 1
DE - 78166 Donaueschingen

E info@nexus-ag.de


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