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Cabinet management in healthcare
Needs-oriented and discreet stock management in module cabinets

In healthcare facilities, nursing staff often have to manage the contents of their supply cabinets themselves. If ward storage is located in different places around the department, it can be time consuming and more difficult to maintain an overview and ensure that all necessary materials are always available. Specialist staff are then unable to focus on their core competency – the care of patients. Rising cost pressures are taking their usual toll.

To enable you to use resources optimally, we reliably ensure the availability of medical consumables in your wards and departments. Our cabinet management offers an efficient and professional option for materials management. We keep a constant eye on your stock and ensure that all compartments and drawers in every department are always equipped with the necessary materials. You won’t notice any part of our order triggering, goods picking, transportation or modular cabinet filling – our employees are specially trained and are deployed to your wards in a particularly discreet manner. This simplifies supply management and logistics processes on your wards, reduces the workload for nursing staff and can increase your profitability and flexibility.

Hospital logistics

The benefits for you

  • Thanks to ongoing consumption monitoring, deliveries are needs-based and cost-optimized
  • Goods in the department are always available in the right quantities
  • Best before dates and traceability are always guaranteed
  • Resources are saved by automation and consistent processes
  • Staff no longer have to complete order forms themselves, but can concentrate on their core competencies
  • Cabinet management is incorporated seamlessly into existing work processes
Logistics employee at Swiss Post

Our services

  • Checking whether items need to be reordered at the removal compartment or at the module cabinet Kanban board
  • Restocking of good before they run out completely
  • Transportation of the ordered goods to the department module cabinet of the healthcare facility where they are needed
  • Stocking of the warehouse or module cabinet by specially trained Swiss Post staff
  • Empty containers and packaging material, e.g. transport containers, returned to the Swiss Post Medical Service Center

Cabinet management offered in combination with one or several of these health logistics services:

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