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Sterile goods logistics
Relieving the pressure on surgery operations with sterile goods preparation from Swiss Post

As an important element of our healthcare logistics, we can perform steam sterilization of your surgical instruments, which is of great benefit and added value to you, especially in combination with consumables logistics.

Our Medical Service Centers throughout Switzerland are equipped with ISO-13485:2016 certified preparation units for medical products (AEMP). The preparation unit for medical products cleans, disinfects, checks, repairs, packs and sterilizes your surgical instruments that doctors need for operations. If desired, we deliver case-specific, customized surgical instruments at the time needed for a procedure, directly outside the operating theatre of the hospital or outpatient clinic. This delivery principle is unique to date in Switzerland and sets a new standard, making operating theatre operations more efficient and enabling the service provider to focus on medical activities.

The advantages for you

  • Relieving the pressure on your specialists
  • Reduction of your storage and logistics areas
  • Conversion of logistics areas into value-added patient treatment areas
  • Conversion of fixed costs into variable costs
  • Reduction of investment in new AEMP and logistics infrastructure
  • Greater transparency regarding costs and activities in the hospital and in logistics
  • Availability of redundant emergency and AEMP solutions
Leistungselemente AEMP

Our services

  • Return transport of instruments in a case cart, transport trolley, by parcel post or Swiss Express Innight
  • Cleaning of instruments, containers, bowls, transport trolleys, maintenance/inspection according to manufacturer specifications
  • Spare parts warehouse for instruments
  • Sterilization of instruments
  • Separate storage and transportation of sterile and non-sterile instruments at compliant humidity and storage temperature

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Sterile goods logistics

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