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Healthcare warehousing logistics
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“Just-in-time” logistics in the healthcare sector is approaching its limits, and having storage capacity is becoming increasingly important. Outsourcing of warehousing logistics offers hospitals great potential for optimization and savings. Swiss Post can handle a wide array of logistics tasks, including receipt of goods, storage, order picking, repacking under clean room conditions and delivery.

The Swissmedic-certified Medical Service Center in Villmergen has generous warehouse space and satisfies the strict conditions for storing medicines and medical products. It contains a dangerous goods warehouse for dangerous goods subject to declaration, in addition to a high-security zone. The qualified employees possess specific expertise in healthcare and have been trained on how to handle sterile, pharmaceutical and medical goods. Your sensitive products are stored securely and in accordance with regulations at our temperature-controlled AutoStore facility. We pick your products as per your wishes, compile complete sets and deliver them to the right place at the right time.

Swiss Post will expand its existing warehousing logistics center in Villmergen by 2025. In future, a highly automated storage space the size of eight football pitches will be available. Thanks to the new building, the area of qualified warehouse space will more than double (from 20,000 to 57,000 m2), and you will receive all warehousing logistics services from a single source.

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The advantages for you

  • Optimized, efficient and lean supply chain management
  • Reduction in expenses through pre-picked, ward-ready posting
  • Relieving the pressure on receipt of goods through consolidated posting
  • Less noise pollution and traffic alleviation in the hospital district
  • Relieving the service provider from the need for capital-intensive logistics areas
  • Cost savings and increased efficiency
  • Maximum flexibility
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Our services

  • Professional inventory keeping, storage and management as per requirements specified by customers, manufacturers and legislators
  • Picking, nesting and GDP transport
  • Order picking right down to individual items according to the FEFO principle
  • Order picking based on patient cases or department cabinets
  • Monitoring and reporting of storage temperature and humidity
  • Value-added services (e.g. application of stickers, repackaging in an ISO class 8 clean room)
  • Disposal of empty containers, cardboard, plastics and other substances, including proof of disposal
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Faster supply chains thanks to cross-docking

Swiss Post runs a central AutoStore warehouse for hospitals. Suppliers no longer make individual deliveries to the hospital, but instead bring the various goods directly to Swiss Post’s central logistics center. Here they are checked and stored long-term or temporarily with the support of the system. If required, cross-docking is carried out where goods delivered by external suppliers are combined on a time-specific basis with the hospital’s centrally stored products. The orders from individual hospitals are supplied on a ward-specific basis and transported to the agreed location in accordance with regulatory provisions. GDP-compliant and actively or passively temperature-controlled transport complements Swiss Post’s range of environmentally sustainable services. 

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