Healthcare logistics
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Operating procurement for healthcare
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The everyday work of the purchasing department is increasingly marked by greater procurement workload due to the strained supply situation and additional regulatory requirements. At the same time, the shortage of skilled workers is resulting in a higher workload for the teams.

We’ll relieve the workload for your staff by taking on their routine operational tasks. This will allow your purchasing department to concentrate on assessing articles and suppliers and continuously optimizing their strategic procurement process. We process all your orders via our central warehouse based on the conditions you negotiated with the respective suppliers. We pre-finance the inventories. Of course, we also ensure that master data is maintained and we take care of replenishment planning and inventory management. This ensures that you will always receive the defined range of medical consumables in the right quantity directly at the point of use. Our services also include handling accounts payable. Regular communication and customized reports support your purchasing department in its everyday work and ensure sustainable supply.

The advantages for you

  • Focus on strategic purchasing
  • Value is added with the repurposing of storage space in the healthcare facility thanks to storage at Swiss Post’s central warehouse
  • Swiss Post is the central point of contact for your suppliers and your purchasing department
  • High quality of master data is ensured
  • Availability of goods is ensured through high storage capacities and digitized procurement processes
  • Greater transparency and enabling of active controlling through digitized processes
A Swiss Post employee checks parcels

Our services

  • Pre-financing of inventories
  • Order processing from replenishment planning and inventory management to delivery to the healthcare facility
  • Ongoing monitoring and management of inventory levels
  • Overall supply management: including checking of conditions, delivery dates and quality
  • Bundling and management of accounts payable and accounts receivable workflows
  • Maintenance of article, price and supplier master data

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