Healthcare logistics
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Healthcare intralogistics
Swiss Post as an efficient and integrated complete supplier

Always exactly the material you need, where you need it: Concentrate on your excellent medical services while Swiss Post professionally and cost-efficiently handles the availability of medical consumables on the ward and in your departments. We optimize processes and keep a complete overview of consumption, current stocks and timely supply.

Cabinet management, barcode systems and much more simplify logistical processes on the wards, ease the workload for care staff and reduce sources of errors. With case-specific delivery, Swiss Post offers the timely supply of medical materials tailored to the individual case. We compile sets of materials from different suppliers as per operating theatre equipment lists. We supply outpatient clinics with operation-specific materials and consumables at the right time and in the right place.

Hand over your health logistics to Swiss Post and save valuable time for your patients. We'll handle the ordering, receipt and issuing of your medical products, instruments and consumables so you don't have to.

Hospital logistics

The advantages for you

  • Specialist staff are relieved of logistics tasks
  • Concentration on core medical tasks
  • Costs are reduced through bundling of transport consignments
  • Lower requirement for on-site materials, optimized warehousing and reduction of unused materials
  • Case-specific and timely supply
  • Reduction of storage areas on the ward
Hospital logistics

Our services

  • Stock management in the modular cabinet in the hospital department
  • Case-specific picking, packing and transportation for predefined procedures
  • Operating theatre supply
  • Indoor hospital robotics

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