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Indoor robots
Autonomous transport logistics take the pressure off hospitals

Complex flows of goods, busy transport routes and staff stretched to the limit. The challenges in hospital logistics are many and varied.

Indoor robots can transport almost everything around the clock – be it medicines, food, laboratory samples or even waste. They move independently through the hospital and, depending on the attachment used, can even load themselves with cargo. These autonomous helpers perform logistical tasks, allowing medical professionals more time for their patients.

Swiss Post deals with everything: from installation to operation and maintenance, and ensuring seamless integration with your logistics processes. Our Remote Operating Center is available to support you and solve any problems before you even notice them (24/7/365).

Indoor robots have proved their worth. They are used at the Zurich Municipal Hospital and elsewhere.

Film: Indoor robots in use at Triemli Hospital Zurich

A woman with a delivery robot at work

The advantages for you

  • Efficient, fully automated transport of food, consumables, laundry, samples, medicines and materials
  • Seamless integration into existing logistics processes
  • Authorized for use with patients
  • Relieves the pressure on your specialists
  • Various attachments for versatile deployment
  • Cost-effective operation (up to 50 percent savings)
  • No special investment in navigation infrastructure required (guide rails or similar)
  • Easy set-up and full support during operation
A delivery robot in a hospital corridor at work

Our services

  • Installation, operation and maintenance
  • 24/7/365 support
  • Continuous development of new and useful services
  • Intralogistics

Overview of the system
Different deployment options thanks to different attachments

The indoor robots can be used to transport materials and goods such as medicines, food, laboratory samples and items for waste disposal. The robot with lockable compartments is well-suited to transportation of sensitive cargo such as narcotics. The compartments can be locked securely with a PIN code or biometric ID and opened only by authorized persons.

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