Receiving mail
Receiving business mail

For your internal postal delivery
Efficient further processing

Delivery directory
Delivery with directory

On request, we can provide you with a daily receipt list indicating all delivered letters and parcels with barcode.

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Electronic consignment data
For your internal processing

You receive all important consignment data electronically for your parcels and letters with barcode.

Ideal for companies that regularly receive valuable or larger volumes of consignments with barcode.

  • Download electronically
  • Immediate overview of your incoming mail
  • Data usable for internal processing
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Sort out mail
Separate according to department

We will sort your correspondence for your internal distribution. You have two options:

  • We can separate internal departments from all the rest of your incoming mail.
  • Or we can separate internal departments from each other, so that your business letter mail is already pre-sorted according to several reception points when it arrives.
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A mail carrier delivers letter mail to a customer

Special delivery
Select delivery time

Do you want to receive your letters and parcels outside normal delivery times? With special delivery, we bring your mail when you want it.

You agree a contract via your customer advisor specifying the delivery days, the average number of containers per day and a half-hour delivery time slot.

Redirect or retain mail
During absences

Retain mail
Temporary retention of mail

If you are temporarily absent or cannot receive any mail, you can have your business mail retained by us.

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Redirecting mail
Forward all mail

Redirect all of your business mail, even for a longer period, to another address.

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Selectively redirect mail
Selectively forward part of your mail

Redirect part of your business mail to another address, selected based on certain address criteria.

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A woman signing a permanent authorization

Authorizations at Swiss Post
Collection by third parties in the branch

With an authorization, you authorize a trustworthy person to receive consignments notified for collection on your behalf or on your company’s behalf in a Swiss Post branch.

Business reply label

Efficient processing or outsourcing

Swiss Post offers various services so that you can efficiently integrate returns processing into your procedures.