PickPost Schalter


Pick up your parcels wherever you wish. Free of charge.

Seldom at home when the postal carrier calls round to drop off a parcel? Then PickPost is the ideal solution for you. With PickPost, you pick up your parcels wherever you wish.

For each order, give the sender your personal PickPost customer number and your preferred PickPost point as your delivery address. You will be notified by text message and/or e-mail as soon as the delivery arrives at your chosen PickPost point. You are free to pick up the delivery from the PickPost point within 7 days.

The benefits for you

  • Over 700 collection points throughout Switzerland: Post Offices, SBB train stations and filling stations
  • You are free to choose a different PickPost point for each delivery.
  • No more chasing parcels
  • Includes registered mail
  • Text message and e-mail notification service
  • Available sooner: Thanks to text messages or e-mail, you will know more quickly whether a parcel is available for you to pick up. You can even pick up the parcel on the same day.
  • Free of charge for you and the sender of the parcel
  • The choice is yours: If you wish to continue to have your parcels delivered to your home, simply enter your home address when making an order.


You only have to register once to use PickPost. Registration is easy via "Login Post". Once you have registered, your PickPost customer number will be sent to you via e-mail. You need this number to address mail to a PickPost point.

 Registration PickPost

Addressing mail for PickPost deliveries

Format for PickPost addresses

Example: Joe Soap

PickPost number 12345678

Title First name Name of the recipient Mr Joe Soap
PickPost + PickPost customer number (8-digit) PickPost 12345678
P.O.Box No. or Street No. P.O. Box 3925
Postcode Place 5001 Aarau

N.B: The address format is often different to that of the location address. Under "Locations", you will find detailed information on the address format for each PickPost point.

Consignments permitted when using PickPost

OK Not possible
Packages up to 30 kg Courier deliveries
Registered mail Unregistered mail
Delivery by Swiss Post Delivery by another company

N.B: Some senders mail small, flat items as letters (instead of as parcels). If in doubt, please contact your suppliers to determine which mailing method they use. Letters from abroad: Please contact the sender to find out whether Swiss Post will be making the delivery. The delivery times for PickPost items correspond to the delivery times for sending items to the recipient’s residential address.