Manage receipt
Receive consignments when you are absent

Manage receipt

Are you often not at home when the mail carrier rings the bell? We offer you the chance to manage receipt of your postal items. On a one-off basis or permanently.

Manage one-off delivery
Consignment is on its way

You can manage parcels and registered items while they're on their way:

  • We send you messages concerning the status of your delivery
  • Simply decide online where, when and how you wish to receive the consignment
  • Just create a private user account and you're ready
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Permanent settings
For future parcels

Tell us where, when and how you would like to receive your parcels in the future:

  • Desired days: on which days would you like to receive your parcels?
  • Have consignment deposited, e.g. on the terrace
  • Delivery to a neighbour
  • The settings are free of charge, all you need to do is register
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Receive mail when absent
Your options

Have items deposited
Authorization for delivery of parcels

Issue us with the authorization to deliver parcels in your absence. You have a number of different options:

  • Have parcels deposited
  • Delivery to a neighbour
  • As an individual order if a parcel is on its way or as a permanent arrangement
  • For consignments with signature, we also require an authorization for delivery
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Have items posted
Authorization for delivery for registered letters

You can also receive registered letters when absent.

  • We inform you in advance by SMS or e-mail
  • Issue us with an authorization for delivery online
  • We place the consignment in your private letter box
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Have items collected

Issue an authorization to a person you trust:

  • You authorize a person of your choice to receive or collect your mail
  • Either as a one-off if you have received a collection note
  • Or as a permanent arrangement for future consignments
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Receipt locations
Near you

Are you often not at home when the mail carrier rings the bell? Or would you like to save a trip to the Swiss Post branch? Receive your mail simply near you or on the way to work – around the clock or digitally.

Manage receipt of business mail
Sort out mail, redirect it and more

Optimize receipt of your daily mail. We offer you practical solutions for the efficient receipt and processing of your incoming mail: receipt listing, consignment data, sorting and more. We would be happy to advise you.