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Are you often not at home when the mail carrier calls? Then PickPost is the ideal solution for you. Because with PickPost, you’ll benefit from flexible receipt of parcels and registered letters at over 2700 PickPost points.

The benefits for you:

  • PickPost is free of charge
  • You can receive your consignments flexibly
  • In some online shops, you can select the receipt location
  • You can redirect parcels with ease via “My consignments”


You can use the PickPost service if you are a private individual with your place of residence in Switzerland.

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Register for PickPost

Create a customer account by registering on the My Post customer portal at Within three working days, you will receive a code to verify your address and subsequently your account. You can then make full use of PickPost and My Post 24.

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Not sure if your account is already verified?

Your address and account are already verified if you get regular information about consignments due to arrive by e-mail or in the Post-App, or if you have subscribed to notifications from the “My consignments” online service.

You will need your User ID to use PickPost and My Post 24. You can find it in the “My Post” customer portal.

Sending mail
Here’s how it works

You can post pre-franked consignments such as business reply labels (GAS) and mail order returns at all PickPost access points. At some access points, you can also post unfranked consignments.

At My Post Service acceptance and collection points, you can only post consignments as PostPac Economy. (Delivery time: posting day plus 2–3 days)

If you post your consignment at a branch, prices based on weight apply. At My Post Service acceptance and collection points, prices are based on parcel size (PDF, 54.3 KB) (M, L and XL), i.e. by volume.

Search here for the PickPost access point you require (branches and My Post Service points) and find out what services it offers for posting and receiving consignments.

Receiving mail
Here’s how it works

1. Select PickPost access point

In some online shops, you can automatically select a PickPost access point as the collection point for your order. If this is not the case, enter the address of the access point you require manually.

You can find the current access points offering the PickPost service (branches and My Post Service points) here in the Location search.

Screenshot of form. Additional address information and last name are highlighted.

2. Enter the correct address in the online shop

Your consignment must be specially addressed so that it can be delivered to a PickPost access point.

When entering the address of the access point you require in the online shop, please note the following: enter both the keyword “PickPost” and your User ID in the “Additional address information” field. If only three address lines are available, enter your first name and last name in the “First name” field and the keyword and User ID in the “Last name” field.

You can find the address in the location search by opening the “Addressing” tab for the selected PickPost access point.

Employee and customer in a branch

3. Collect consignment

You will receive an e-mail and/or SMS as soon as your consignment has arrived and is ready for collection. Please remember to bring a valid official ID document.

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