Addressing, designing and packaging

Correct presentation of letters

Design your consignments in accordance with our recommendations and save yourself the surcharge for special items. We’d be glad to assist you with resources, free advice and our free OK for printing service.

Our prices and delivery times apply to automatic processing. For automatic processing, your consignments must fulfil certain preconditions: they must be correctly designed, addressed and packaged.

You can also find the most important information in the following factsheet:

Addressing letters correctly

Ensuring letters arrive safely

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Designing and packaging letters

In accordance with Swiss Post requirements

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Designing flyers

Specifications for PromoPost

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Special items
Letters that leave an impression

Special letters for a special occasion? No problem. In return for a surcharge for the manual sorting of bulk mailings, we are happy to transport your special items. Please note:

  • There is no surcharge for special items if they are already sorted when posting
  • If unsorted, there will be an additional charge of CHF 0.25 per item
  • Send us a final proof before going ahead with the mailing

Arrange a free consultation with our experts.

Guaranteed manual sorting
Manual processing

Do you have a standard consignment that you still want to be sorted by hand on the outbound journey? If so, we recommend manual processing for your individual A Mail items, B Mail individual items, B Mail bulk mailings and OnTime Mail.

Final proof
Play it safe

Have your printed matter checked by us free of charge to ensure everything goes smoothly with sending your daily mail and promotional mailings.

Rich Content Section

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Order envelopes, padded envelopes, stamps and other accessories with ease.

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