Bulk mailing of letters
For large volumes

Rich Content Section

B Mail bulk mailings
Lower prices from 350 items and upwards

  • Delivery within a maximum of six working days
  • Minimum volume of 350 items
  • The most cost-effective option when time is not critical
  • Can be posted at all branches
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Prices in CHF incl. VAT

For volumes of fewer than 350 items, regular prices for B Mail letters apply.


Flyers and mailshots
Unaddressed bulk mailing

  • High reach
  • Delivery along with addressed letters
  • Swiss-wide and can be scheduled (Mon – Sat)
  • Individually selectable distribution zones
  • Target group-specific distribution options
  • For sampling and special formats as well
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Prices in CHF incl. VAT

1000 pcs


Do your items need to get there faster?

You can send time-critical bulk mailings with A Mail. No discount is offered for volumes of more than 350 items sent via A Mail; the regular prices for A Mail letters apply.

From 10,000 items

Delivered on a specific day
OnTime Mail

  • Specific-day delivery from 10,000 items
  • Ideal for time-limited sales campaigns
  • Saturday delivery possible
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For major print runs
Professional Mail

  • For major print runs of tens of thousands of items up to several hundred thousand items
  • Specific-day delivery /li>
  • Ideal for catalogues and other promotional mailing
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Bulk Mailing Manager
The software solution for the preliminary sorting of consignment volumes

Do you regularly mail addressed bulk mailings for your customers containing more than 3,000 copies with Swiss Post? With our Bulk Mailing Manager software, your customers save on postage while you spend less time preparing the mailings.

Price benefits on addressed letters

As a business customer with a billing relationship, correctly prepared letter volumes will see you benefit from price reductions and discounts. This is your reward for supporting efficient processing.

Direct marketing
Stay in dialogue with your customers

Acquire new customers and keep in regular contact with existing customers. We offer attractive solutions for your direct response marketing and online dialogue marketing.