Personal delivery
Personal handover of your mail items to recipients

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With the “Personal delivery” value-added service, you can be sure that your consignment will be delivered to the recipient in person.

The key points at a glance:

  • Personal handover to a named individual
  • Delivery to business addresses not possible
  • Identity is checked and confirmed by the recipient (signature)
  • Available for registered mail, debt collection documents and court documents
  • Can be combined with the “Return receipt” value-added service


More than just registered mail
“Personal delivery” value-added service

Price – Switzerland


Price – international


All prices are in CHF. VAT is included for domestic consignments; international shipments are VAT-free.

Important information

Additional confirmation of receipt
“Return receipt” value-added service

The return receipt is signed by the recipient when the consignment is delivered. You will then receive the return receipt by post. This gives you additional confirmation that your registered consignment has arrived.