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Maintaining addresses and using geodata

Swiss Post’s address management service

With customer addresses, donor indexes and member lists that are always up to date, you can be sure that your consignments reach the correct recipient. This saves on unnecessary returns and avoids additional expenditure. Or would you like to pinpoint your potential for growth and need a solid basis for this? Swiss Post’s services support you with your address management needs.

Switzerland is on the move. People move house, open up new businesses or move abroad every day. You need a partner who knows every letter box and every P.O. Box to keep you in the know at all times.

The quality and quantity of Swiss Post’s address and geodata are unrivalled throughout Switzerland. To express this in figures: almost 13,000 delivery staff collect the latest information every day; up to 450,000 households let us know their relocation information exclusively every year; and 2,200 municipalities collaborate solely with Swiss Post to ascertain street names and house numbers.

Despite this, we do not sell addresses. The data we collect is simply used as a basis for a comparison with your existing addresses or as a solid foundation for your geomarketing.

What we do for your addresses:

Address assessment Address maintenance Address solutions
Evaluation and completion of addresses Updating, validation and maintenance of addresses Individual solutions as well as address and geodata

Information and advice

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