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Registered (R)

Sending letters with proof of delivery

With Registered (R), the person entitled to accept must sign for the letter or be approved for delivery to confirm receipt of your business letters. In the event of loss, damage or incorrect delivery, Swiss Post will cover damages up to a maximum of CHF 500.00. Thanks to electronic Track & Trace, you’re always up to date with the status of your consignment and can also actively track it.

Changes from 1 January 2018

Introduction of a standard returns channel

If you leave the current return note “Return as A Mail” or “Return as B Mail”, or if you attach the new note “Return as unregistered”, your return consignment will enter the standard channel. The physical return time of undeliverable items is up to seven working days. The new price for returns subject to tax will be CHF 0.53, regardless of format or weight.

Consignment tracking and liability up to a maximum of CHF 500.00 in the event of loss, damage or incorrect delivery are not available for return deliveries. Since 1 January 2018, the previous instructions in the data matrix code can be used for all registered mail bearing a return note. It should be noted that all consignments must be compatible with machine processing.

Registered returns channel

Undeliverable registered mail without a return note will continue to be returned as registered mail. If the recipient does not collect the consignment or refuses to accept it, the return shipment will be charged to the sender at the price of registered mail (CHF 5.30).

The return shipment will take a maximum of two working days.