A Mail Plus
Electronic track and trace for important letters

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With A Mail Plus, your letters arrive the next working day. You can also track your consignment at all times. A Mail Plus is suitable for important letters and time-critical documents.

The advantages of A Mail Plus:

  • Electronic track and trace
  • Delivered on the next working day (Monday to Saturday)
  • Delivery to a private letter box or P.O. Box without a signature

You can find all the details on delivery in the “A Mail Plus” factsheet (PDF, 83.6 KB).


Post unfranked consignments at the branch
Franking at the counter

A Mail Plus consignments are franked and processed by Swiss Post employees at the branch

Price up to B5

Up to 25 x 17.6 cm, max. 2 cm thick2

1-500 g

Price up to B4

Up to 35.3 x 25 cm, max. 2 cm thick

1-1000 g

Post ready to dispatch

A Mail Plus consignments are franked and carry a barcode (e.g. WebStamp)1.

Price up to B5

Up to 25 x 17.6 cm, max. 2 cm thick2

1-500 g

Price up to B4

Up to 35.3 x 25 cm, max. 2 cm thick

1-1000 g

All prices in CHF including VAT.

1 Consignments ready for dispatch are franked and have a barcode with the sender’s franking licence number, for example from WebStamp. Post them together with a barcode list or a delivery note. Larger or heavier consignments are deemed to be parcels.

2 For a thickness of more than 2 cm and up to 5 cm, a surcharge of CHF 2.00 is applied. Also attach the manual processing barcode (MAN). More information on this can be found later in the section “Labelling and design”.

Important information

Value-added services

Customers with a billing relationship benefit from the following value-added services:

A Mail (Plus) late posting

Post A Mail after counters close – with delivery the following day

More on late posting

Surcharge up to 7.30 p.m.

+ 0.10 per item

Surcharge up to 9 p.m.

+ 0.30 per item

Handling of barcodes

Affix barcodes on letter mail and add addresses

More on handling of barcodes

Surcharge for affixing

+ 0.25 per barcode

Surcharge for adding addresses

from + 0.25 per address

All prices are quoted in Swiss francs (CHF) and include VAT.

Price benefits for addressed letters

As a business customer with a billing relationship, you benefit from lower prices if you prepare consignments according to certain criteria.

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Design stamps yourself
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