Election and voting consignments
Reliable delivery of election and voting documents

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Swiss Post’s “election and voting consignment” product is designed to meet the specific requirements for election and voting documents.

Service and features

As a reliable partner for the mailing of election and voting documents, Swiss Post offers the “election and voting consignment” product in addition to its traditional A Mail and B Mail shipping options. This service was specifically designed for mailing official election and voting documents and is aligned with the requirements for such consignments.

Key benefits:

  • Greater flexibility when posting
  • Minimum risk of damage
  • No surcharge for special items
  • No minimum quantities
  • Free storage

You can post the election and voting documents on any working day in the calendar week before the legal deadline for delivery (posting week). Swiss Post ensures reliable delivery before the end of the subsequent calendar week (delivery week).

The “election and voting consignment” product is also available for cantonal and communal elections and votes or by-elections. The transport time for B Mail bulk consignments applies here.


Who is this service for?

The “Election and voting consignment” product is designed for political municipalities and cantons that maintain a billing relationship with Swiss Post.

I do not currently have a billing relationship with Swiss Post and wish to set one up.

Important information

Transport time for federal elections and votes

Posting day Delivery
Monday Monday - Saturday Following week
Tuesday Monday - Saturday Following week
Wednesday Monday - Saturday Following week
Thursday Monday - Saturday Following week
Friday Monday - Saturday Following week

Public holidays:

  • If the Friday of the posting week is a public holiday: for delivery during the subsequent week, please post consignments no later than the Thursday.
  • If the Friday of the delivery week is a public holiday: Swiss Post will deliver consignments by the Saturday at the latest.

Transport time for cantonal and communal elections and votes or by-elections

The B Mail bulk mailing transport time applies to the shipping of documents for cantonal and communal elections and votes or by-elections. For by-elections, please note your canton’s applicable deadlines for the election and voting consignments being received by voters. Adjust the posting day to the transport time for B Mail bulk mailings to ensure punctual delivery.

Posting day Delivery
Monday By Tuesday of the following week
Tuesday By Wednesday of the following week
Wednesday By Thursday of the following week
Thursday By Friday of the following week
Friday By Monday of the next but one week
Saturday By Monday of the next but one week

Preconditions for using the range of services

To use the range of services, the following criteria must be satisfied:

  • Sender: political municipalities or cantons
  • Use of the certified two-way envelope
  • Overprint of the data matrix code on the polling card
  • Postage paid impression
  • A billing relationship with Swiss Post


The size of the consignment is limited to B5 and a maximum thickness of 20 mm. Larger or thicker consignments will be transported according to the price and conditions for A Mail, B Mail or B Mail bulk mailing services.

The range of services does not apply when sending election and voting documents to Swiss citizens living abroad. If you need to send consignments of this kind, you can use Swiss Post’s regular mailing services for international documents.

You will find more detailed information in the “Election and voting consignment” factsheet.


Prices and discounts

The shipping costs for the “election and voting consignment” product correspond to the prices for B Mail bulk mailing. Price adjustments for B Mail mass mailings also automatically apply to the “election and voting consignment” service. The size of the consignment is limited to B5 and a maximum thickness of 20 mm.

Weight Basic price Price in CHF
1–100 g CHF 0.55 0.01 per 20 g
101–250 g CHF 0.78 from 101 g, CHF 0.01 per 20 g
251–500 g CHF 1.08 from 261 g, CHF 0.01 per 20 g
501–1000 g CHF 1.45 from 501 g CHF 0.01 per 10 g

Size: 140 x 90 mm to format B5 (250 x 176 mm)
Thickness: up to 20 mm
All prices incl. VAT.

Price reductions and discounts for letters

Discounts and price reductions for letters generate cost benefits for business customers with large order volumes.

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Designing, packaging and addressing

The “Election and voting consignment” product cannot be used if the two-way envelope or the voting card does not comply with Swiss Post’s specifications and design guidelines. The envelope specifications and the voting card design guidelines can be found in the “Election and voting consignment” factsheet.

If you want to use the business reply label (GAS) return route for election and voting consignments, you require a customer-specific GAS data matrix code generated by Swiss Post. For business reply labels, the “Data matrix code for the voting card − return” linked below cannot be used. Please contact your customer advisor to order the GAS data matrix code.

Final proof

The free Swiss Post final proof is a reliable solution for printed matter – turning every mailing into a success.

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Addressing consignments correctly

Instructions on affixing address labels and addressing consignments correctly.

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PP franking

PP franking is a straightforward solution for bulk mailing of any kind.

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Election and voting consignments can be posted at any branch or any Swiss Post letter or logistics center from Monday to Friday of the week before delivery. Swiss Post can also collect your consignments directly from you on request. Election and voting consignments must be posted using a dispatch list/delivery note created online.

Order empty containers

Swiss Post provides empty containers such as letter crates and bulk containers.

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Have mail items collected

Have parcels and letters collected from your home: regularly or upon request for delivery in Switzerland and abroad.

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Data are exchanged with Swiss Post via secure connections using the electronic interface.

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Dispatch list/delivery note

The dispatch list is used as a delivery note for posting addressed, PP-franked letter mail. The directory can be created quickly and simply online.

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All you need to know

Letters dispatch list

Generate the dispatch list/delivery note easily online using the “Letters dispatch list” online service.

Swiss Post’s e-voting solution

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Logo pro clima

“pro clima” shipment

The CO2 emissions for all Swiss Post mailing products will be offset at no extra charge for you.

Swiss Post is not only reducing CO2 – for example, through its use of electric vehicles – but also offsetting carbon emissions in its delivery of all PromoPost consignments by investing in high-quality climate protection projects.

You can find more information at www.swisspost.ch/climate.

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