“Barcode” web service
Obtain barcodes directly from your own company system

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We advise you to use our Digital Commerce API instead of the “Barcode” web service. In future, we will be investing increasingly in API technology and connecting more and more Swiss Post services to this programming interface. The API interface gives you access to the same functions as the “Barcode” web service. You can also obtain other interesting services to suit your needs.

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As a business customer, the “Barcode” web service allows you to print the address label with integrated barcode directly as a label or integrate it into your own delivery note. This allows you to optimize your dispatch processes, and save time and money.

The advantages for you:

  • No switch to another system, operation in a familiar user environment
  • Automatic forwarding of consignment data for parcel consignments to internal Swiss Post systems without any further programming (DataTransfer)
  • Round-the-clock access to latest postal services
  • Linking of consignment and order data possible
  • Savings thanks to process optimization
  • High availability and performance

Who is this service is for and preconditions

The “Barcode” web service is suitable for

  • customers with more than 2,000 consignments per year;
  • customers with a billing relationship who obtain barcodes directly via their system and do not want to leave their usual user environment
  • printing barcodes for parcel, Swiss-Express and letter mail
  • printing the address label incl. barcode (standard formats)
  • integration of the barcode directly in your delivery document

Technical preconditions


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Help and support for business customers

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